Friday, July 3, 2020

July 2020

Friday 3rd July
EI-BSL    PA-34 Seneca 220T   P.Sreenan                         dep 1305

Friday 10th
EI-FXL    R.44                NFC                               dep 1230

Friday, June 12, 2020

June 2020

Thursday 11th
EI-BUN    Beech 76            National Flight Centre (NFC)           dep
EI-CFY    Cessna 172          NFC                                    dep
EI-DGX    Cessna 152          NFC                                    dep
EI-EDB    Cessna 152          NFC                                    dep
EI-EDC    Cessna 152          NFC                                    dep
EI-EWC    Beech 76            NFC                                    dep

Monday 15th
EI-GPH   Bell 206L            NFC                              1113/1146

Thursday 25th
EI-BMN   Cessna F152          NFC                               dep 0902
EI-EMU   Cessna F152          NFC                               dep 0908
EI-GIU   Cessna F172N         NFC                               dep 0915
EI-GPH   Bell 206L4           NFC                              1055/1135

NFC have re-positioned most of their aircraft to Abbeyshrule until the airport re-opens for normal flight operations (hopefully, in the near future). 

Sunday, March 1, 2020

March 2020

Monday 2nd
EI-ZEU    Citation 525A       Private Sky            'HYR525'   dep 0827
G-AWYL    DR.253 Regent       T.Van Lonkhuyzen                  dep 1210
G-BXWP    PA-32 Cherokee Six  Main Event Travel                 dep 1253
G-BZXK    Robin HR200         Edghill Aviation                 1355/1410

Tuesday 3rd
G-SHUI    Citation 680A       Air Charter Scotland  'EDC137R'  1408/1557
OK-CTP    PC-12/47E           OK Aviation Group                 arr 1642

Wednesday 4th
G-NMMC    R.44                Cutting Edge Helicopters         1050/1525
OK-CTP    PC-12/47E           OK Aviation Group                 dep 0740

Thursday 5th
EI-GRV    Vans RV-7           M.Murphy                         1502/1605
EI-ZEU    Citation 525A       Private Sky            'HYR525'  1246/1335
M-IRTH    PC-12/47E           Wingmen Ltd.                     1143/1353

Friday 6th
No visitors                                                             

Saturday 7th
G-AWYL    DR.253 Regent       T.Van Lonkhuyzen                 1155/1135
G-ERGP    PC-12/47E           Eden Rock Aviation                arr 0920
G-GLAB    EC.135 T2           PDG Helicopters         'PDG71'   arr 1350

Sunday 8th
EI-BUF    Cessna 210          210 Group                        1540/1617
G-ERGP    PC-12/47E           Eden Rock Aviation                dep 1428
G-GLAB    EC.135 T2           PDG Helicopters         'PDG71'   dep 0855
M-IRTH    PC-12/47E           Wingmen Ltd.                     1229/1255
OO-PCI    PC-12/47E           EAPC                              arr 1459

Monday 9th
OO-PCI    PC-12/47E           EAPC                              dep 0755

Tuesday 10th
N498YY    Citation 525        TVPX                           d0940 a1840

Wednesday 11th
No visitors

Thursday 12th
G-WCCP    Beech 200           2 Excel Aviation    'BRO41P/41'  1050/1118
N177CK    Eclipse EA500       Southern Aircraft Consultancy    0925/1258

Friday 13th
EI-LOW    AS.355N             Executive Helicopters    'EXH1'  1220/1305
EI-ZEU    Citation 525A       Private Sky            'HYR525'   arr 1815
G-WALI    R.44                G.Reidy                        d1254 a1405

Saturday 14th
N65MJ     Beech 58P           Grange Aviation Inc Trustee       arr 1330

Sunday 15th
G-HUBB    P.68B Victor        Ravenair               'RVR5BB'  1045-1655
G-KFTI    PC-12/47E           Daki Aviation                    1605/1629

Monday 16th
EI-ZEU    Citation 525A       Private Sky            'HYR525'   dep 0827
OO-PCN    PC-12/47E           EAPC                             1245/1405

Tuesday 17th
No movements

Wednesday 18th
EI-CIG    PA-18A Super Cub    ......             (to Ballyboy)  dep 1550
EI-GSM    Cessna 182          Westpoint                         dep 1250
EI-ZEU    Citation 525A       Private Sky            'HYR525'  1420/1430

Thursday 19th
EI-CKH    PA-18 Cub           G.Brady                (to Trim)  dep 1258
EI-OFM    Cessna F172N        21st Century Flyers   (to Derry)  dep 1453
G-GWYN    Cessna F172M        G.Dunne            (to Ballyboy)  dep 1145
G-WALI    R.44                G.Reidy                           dep 1435
N65MJ     Beech 58P           Grange Aviation      (to Exeter)  dep 1610
N902SR    Cirrus SR22         Southern A/c Con. (to Waterford)  dep 1350
N938AC    Cirrus SR22         Seascape Flyers   (to Waterford)  dep 1058

Friday 20th
EI-BCK    Cessna F172N        NFC             (to Abbeyshrule)  dep 1114
EI-BSL    PA-34 Seneca        P.Sreenan                         arr 1005
EI-EYJ    Cessna F172N        Trim Flying Club  (to Newcastle)  dep 1210
EI-FBC    Cessna F172N        NFC             (to Abbeyshrule)  dep 1117
EI-FXL    R.44                NFC                               arr 1322
EI-GOD    PA-28 Cherokee      M.Corrigan        (to Waterford)  dep 1409
EI-GPH    Bell 206L-4         NFC                (to Maynooth)  dep 1507
EI-MCF    Cessna 172R         NFC             (to Abbeyshrule)  dep 1157
EI-POK    R.44                Sky West           (to Maynooth)  dep 1500
EI-SKP    Cessna F172P        NFC             (to Abbeyshrule)  dep 1115
EI-WAC    PA-23 Aztec         Westair                 'EFF024' 1120/1224
G-LAVE    Cessna 172R         Trim Flying Club      (to Navan)  dep 1212
G-ROKT    Cessna F172E        P.Donohoe          (to Ballyboy)  dep 1320
N498YY    Citation 525        TVPX                (to Shannon)  dep 1257
N523TD    Bell 206L           TVPX            (from Shannon to Maynooth)
N840CD    Cirrus SR20         Weston Flyers     (to Waterford)  dep 1413

Sadly, as a consequence of the Corona virus pandemic Weston Airport has now closed for all operations.  The intention is to re-open sometime in May, but in the interim aircraft owners were given the opportunity to relocate their aircraft by 4pm on Friday, March 20th.

Hopefully, this crisis will pass quickly and we can all return to a more normal life.  At this time I want to thank the following people who have been so helpful & accommodating to me at Weston down the years:-

Kim Dixon, Alan Coulihan, Alan Egan, Aidan Fox, Dave Scully, Vanessa Cunningham & Brian Conneely.

Slán & beannacht,